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Actually, that’s a common misconception. Cats kill animals and bring them to you because they think you’re a shitty hunter and they don’t want you to starve. 

So it’s kind of love, but it’s mostly because you suck at catching food

I’m pretty sure “I don’t want you to starve” is the maximum level of love cats are able to give.

#this is why i love cats #they give you tongue bathes and bring you food because they think you’re a giant hairless cat that sucks at being a cat

#actually a very accurate analysis of cat behavior #’ugh come here i never see you licking yourself to keep clean’ #’god how do you stay warm without fur? come here let me lay on your face’ #’how the fuck can you manage not to starve? you don’t have claws or real teeth’ #’i’m not mad i’m just disappointed’

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17 of the Best Comebacks You’ll Ever Hear

It’s always good to keep a mental file of great comebacks so you don’t draw a blank when someone insults you.

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13 Things You Can Relate to When You’re Single

I don’t care who you are, these are universal single-person feelings.
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35 Celebrities Like You’ve Never Seen them Before — in the Renaissance

Check out these celebrities like you’ve never seen them before — as modern renaissance paintings.

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17 Adorable Cats That Are Not Pleased That It Is Cinco De Mayo

Many humans may be thrilled it’s Cinco de Mayo, but these cats aren’t.

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My mom’s friend adopted this lovely dog after he was abandoned by his previous family. His name is Shaun. Shaun had always been very good at eating all his food. Every last bit that was, he ate it. One day he started leaving a little bit behind. He wouldn’t eat everything, no matter what. He always left a little behind. Every morning when my mom’s friend checked Shaun’s bowl, the food was gone. That was very strange, because Shaun always spent the night by her side.
One night she decided to investigate the food situation. She waited quietly by the food bowl and then, in the middle of the night, a cat came through the window and ate the remaining food. She noticed the cat was actually pregnant. A week or so later the cat came into her house and gave birth to 6 little kittens. Shaun took care of them as if they were his own babies. My mom’s friend adopted the cat too (her name is Meow) and they took care of the kittens until they all found a loving home. Nowadays Meow and Shaun live happily together as a family and they each have their little bowl of food.

interracial couples are always cute

Oh my god that is so precious. 



That’s an interspecies couple*

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Ray J’s New Kim Kardashian Music Video & 12 Other Celebs Who Have Gone There

 Ray J, the man that Kim Kardashian infamously made a sex tape with, has released a song and music video dissing Kim K — even including a dead-ringer Kim look-a-like. Someone’s got some balls. Ray J wasn’t the first, though, and probably won’t be the last to make sure the audience knows a song is about his ex. Here is the Ray J video and some others that may surprise you…

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21 Funny Pie Graphs That Explain Your Entire Life

We all share common experiences, whether we realize it or not. Here are some funny pie graphs that you can probably relate to.

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21 Cats Acting Out Super White Girl Problems

Now we get why they’re called — I mean, nevermind.

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Stop trying to make fetch happen. Fetch is never going to happen.

I literally cannot stop laughing at that caption

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13 Child Stars Who Have Ruined Your Childhood

We idolized these stars when we were growing up — but now, they make us look like the true idols.

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9 Ways Jen Aniston Beat Brad Pitt at the Exes Game

Yes, Jennifer has faced her fair share of heartbreak, especially from ex-husband Brad Pitt. But…who is the winner now?

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13 GIFs Inspired by Nyan Cat

According to reports, the creators of the “Nyan Cat” meme are suing Warner Bros. and 5th Cell for creating a video game character that is very similar to their original creation. Here are some other creations that may have been inspired from Nyan Cat.

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